Television Series

The Secret Storm 1966, (CBS NY) played “Rocket”

Love is a Many Splendid Thing 1967-1970, (CBS NY) original star as ex-nun “Laura Donnelly” “Sister Cecilia” Fred Silverman head of CBS daytime; John Conboy producer (with David Birney, Andrea Marcovicci, Leslie Charleson)

The Good Life  1971-72, NBC, star with Larry Hagman (produced by Lorimar) “Jane Miller” 

Knots Landing 1980-1989, CBS, star (236 episodes) “Abby Fairgate Cunningham Ewing”

Melrose Place 1996-1997, FOX, “Sherri Doucette”

Hilton Head Island  2017 ( Pureflix )

General Hospital 2014-2018 Madeline Reeves

Mood Swings  2019


Made-for-TV Movies

Haunts of the Very Rich 1972, ABC, “Laurie” (with Lloyd Bridges, Ed Asner, Chloris Leachman, Anne Francis, Robert Reed)

Rolling Man  1972, “Bebe Lotter” (with Dennis Weaver, Sherree North, Agnes Moorhead (Aaron Spelling exec producer)

Night of Terror  1972 “Linda Daniel” (with Martin Balsam, Chuck Connors, Agnes Moorhead)

The Bait  1973  “Tracy Fleming” star, pilot for ABC

Live Again, Die Again  1974  “Caroline Carmichael” star (with Walter Pidgeon, Mike Farrell, Geraldine Page, Vera Miles)

Who is the Black Dahlia?  1975  “Susan Winters” (with Ephram Zimberlist, Jr., Lucie Arnaz, Gloria DeHaven, June Lockhart, Mercedes McCambridge, Brooke Adams)

Beyond the Bermuda Triangle  1975  star  “Claudia” (with Fred MacMurray Dana Plato)

Look at What Happened to Rosemary’s Baby  1976  “Ellen” (with Patty Duke, Mathew Broderick, Ruth Gordon, Tina Louise, Ray Milland)

Smash-Up on Interstate 5  1976  “Laureen” (with Robert Conrad, Buddy Ebsen, Vera Miles, Harriet Nelson, Tommy Lee Jones)

Bunco  1977  “Frankie” star for series pilot (with Tom Selleck, Robert Urich, Will Geer, Diana Scarwid)

Fire!  1977 4-hour mini-series, “Harriett Malone” (with Ernest Borgnine, Vera Miles, Patty Duke, Lloyd Nolan, Erik Estrada)

Curse of the Black Widow  1977 star “Leigh Lockwood” (with Vic Morrow, Patty Duke, June Allyson, June Lockhart)

The Hunted Lady  1977  star “Susan Reilly” (with Robert Reed)

Superdome  1978 “Lainie Wiley” (with David Janssen, Edie Adams, Van Johnson, Peter Haskell, Tom Selleck

Doctors’ Private Lives  1978   star “Dr. Beth Demery” (with John Gavin, Elinor Donahue)

Hanging by a Thread  1979 4-hour mini series “Ellen Craig” (with Patty Duke, Bert Convy, Cameron Mitchell)

Young Maverick  1979  star “Lila Gates”, pilot, (with Harry Dean Stanton, James Woods)

Waikiki  1980  star “Cassie Howard” (with Dack Rambo)

Bare Essence  1982  “Barbara Fisher”    4-hour mini series (with Genie Francis, Linda Evans, Lee Grant, Bruce Boxleitner)

He’s Not Your Son  1984  star  “Kathy Saunders”  (with Ken Howard, Dorothy Malone)

Alice in Wonderland  1985 “The Rose” 4 hour mini-series (with Red Buttons, Anthony Newley, Jayne Meadows, Carol Channing, Roddy MacDowell, Ann Jillian, Robert Morley)

Intimate Encounters  1986  “Julie Atkins” star & producer (with James Brolin and Veronica Cartwright)

Outback Bound 1988  “Samantha Hollings” star 

The Lady Forgets  1990 “Rebecca Simms/Julie Black” star 

The World’s Oldest Living Bridesmaid   1990  “Brenda Morgan”  star & producer

Runaway Father  1991  “Pat Bennett”  star & producer

False Arrest  1991 mini-series “Joyce Lukezic” star

In My Daughter’s Name  1992  “Laura Elias”  star & producer (with John Rubenstein, Lee Grant)

The President’s Child  1992  “Elizabeth Hemming” star (with William Devane)  

Remember 1993  “Nicky Wells” star, 4-hour miniseries from the Barb Taylor Bradford novel  (with Stephen Collins, Ian Richardson, Claire Bloom)

My Name is Kate  1994  “Kate” star and producer (with Daniel J. Travanti, Eileen Brennan)

Dangerous Intentions  1995  “Beth Williamson” star  (with Corbin Bernsen, Robin Givens)

An Element of Truth  1995  “Vanessa Graves” star & producer (with Peter Riegert)

The Stepford Husbands  1996  “Jodi Davison” star (with Cindy Williams, Louise Fletcher)

Knots Landing: Back to the Cul de Sac  1997  “Abby” star

Moonlight Becomes You   1998  “Maggie Holloway” star Mary Higgins Clark novel

A Very Cool Christmas  2004  “Mrs. Claus”  (with George Hamitlon)

Jane Doe: Yes, I Remember It Well 2006  “Polly Jameson” (with Lea Thompson)

Love is a Four Letter Word  2007  “Margot Harper” (with Barry Bostwick, Mariette Hartley)

Ladies of the House  2008  “Elizabeth Waldman”  (Florence Henderson, Pam Grier, Richard Roundtree)

Deadly Revenge  2013  “Evelyn”

When Life Keeps Getting in the Way  2014  “Dr. Goldstein”  star

12 Gifts of Christmas  ( Hallmark ) 2015

Christmas Wishes, Mistletoe Kisses ( Hallmark ) 2019

A Beauty & The Beast Christmas (Bijou) 2019


Television Series Guest Appearances

Love, American Style 1970,  “Ellie”

Dan August  1970 (with Burt Reynolds) “In the Eyes of God”

Soul Train  1971

The F.B.I.  1971  “The Hitchhiker” “Mary Ann Collins”

Owen Marshall, Counselor at Law  “Nancy”  “The Triangle”

The Oregon Trail    “The Return of the Baby” (never aired)

Lancer   Lucy   “The Lion and the Lamb”

The F.B.I.  1972  “Bernice Rawson”  “The Break-Up”

Insight  1972 “Mr. and Mrs. Bliss”

Banyon  1972

The Rookies  1972  “Gwen DeWitt” 2 episodes SWAT 1 & 2

The Bold Ones: The New Doctors  1972 “Valarie DeMarco” “A Very Strange Triangle”

Thriller  1972  “Patty Heron”  “Killer with Two Faces”

Gunsmoke, 1973  2-part episode, “Cora Sanderson”,  “A Game of Death… An Act of Love: Part 1” and “A Game of Death… An Act of Love: Part 2” (with James Arness, Amanda Blake, Burt Reynolds)

Marcus Welby, MD  1974 “Bea Averton” “A Fevered Angel” (with Robert Young and James Brolin)

McMillan & Wife  1974  “Laura Rainey” “Buried Alive” (with Rock Hudson, Susan Saint James)

The Six Million Dollar Man  1975 “Liza Leitman” “The Cross-Country Kidnap” (with Lee Majors)

Hawaii Five-O  1975  “Marcia Bissell” (with Jack Lord)  “Murder: Eyes Only'”

Police Story  1975  “Officer Needs Help”

Medical Center  1975  “Donna Guthrie

SWAT  1975  “Gwen DeWitt” (spin from Rookies 72)

Cannon  1975  “Lena Michaels” “The Victim”

Medical Story  1975  “Audrey” “Up Against the World”

Barnaby Jones  1975  “Abby Reinhart” “Portrait of Evil”

Police Woman  1976  “Tamee Swanson”  (with Angie Dickinson)  “Mother Love”

City of Angels  1976  “Faith”  “Parting Shot”

Quincy, ME  1976  “Roberta Rhodes” (with Jack Klugman)   “A Star Is Dead”

SWAT  1976  “Lauren Brooks”  “The Running Man” (with Robert Urich)

The Oregon Trail 1977 “The Scarlet Ribbon” (with William Shatner, Bill Bixby & she gun smugglers)  Shot another episode “The Return of the Baby” but series cancelled before aired.

The Love Boat  1977  “Lila Barton”  “Lonely at the Top/Divorce Me, Please/Silent Night”

Battle of the Network Stars  1977  playing for NBC team

The Love Boat  1978  “Jeannie Carter” (2 episodes) (with reg cas t and John Astin, David Birney) “Marooned”

Fantasy Island  1979  “Cindy Carter”  (with Ricardo Montalbon, Dennis Cole, Roddy McDowell, Cameron Mitchell)  “The Chain Gang/The Boss”

Battle of the Network Stars  12/5/80  CBS Team  

Battle of the Network Stars  11/12/81  CBS

Battle of the Network Stars  11-3-1983  Host

Bob Hope Lampoons TV  2-24-85

Bob Hope Super Bowl Party 1-25-86

Bob Hope Christmas 12/21/86 Battle of the Network Stars  12/5/80  CBS Team  

High Society  1986  “Jaqueleane Seymour Winters” (with Stephanie Beachem)

The John Larroquette Show 1993 “Carol”  “Amends”

Knots Landing 1993  Abby  2-episodes “Just Like Old Times”

The John Larroquette Show 1994 “Carol” “John and Carol”

Dream On  1994  “Ashlyn”    “Martin Tupper in ‘Magnum Farce'”

Melrose Place  1996-1997  “Sherry Doucette “ 4 episodes (with Marcia Cross, Rob Estes)

Conrad Bloom  1998  “To Hell in a Handbag” (with Linda Lavin)

Intimate Portrait 1998  “Donna Mills”

Twice in a Lifetime 1999    “Linda MacCullen/Lana Kasillas  “What She Did for Love”

Intimate Portraits  1999  narrator “Michelle Lee”

Rude Awakening  2000  “Linda” (with Lynn Redgrave)  “Star 80 Proof”

Cold Case  2007  “Lauren Williams” (with Lily Rush) “Blackout”

Nip/Tuck   2008  “Lulu Grandiron”  episode “Lulu Grandiron”

Dirty Sexy Money  2009  cameo   (with Jill Clayburgh, Donald Sutherland, Lucy Liu, Blair Underwood) “The Facts”

Nip/Tuck  2010  “Lulu Grandiron”  episode “Christian Troy II”

GCB  2012  Bitsy Lourd  (with Annie Potts) “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”

General Hospital  2014  “Madeline Reeves”  month-long guest star

Mood Swings 2019 (Wanda)



As a Dancer:

Oklahoma (Melody Top Summer Theatre – Chicago)

My Fair Lady (National Touring Company) 1965

Guys and Dolls (Melody Top Summer Theatre – Chicago)

Unsinkable Molly Brown (Melody Top Summer Theatre – Chicago)

Bye Bye Birdie (Melody Top Summer Theatre – Chicago)

The Steve Lawrence Show (CBS)

As an Actress:

Come Blow Your Horn (Drury Lane Theatre – Chicago)

Reluctant Debutante (Drury Lane Theatre – Chicago)

“Don’t Drink the Water” (Broadway) 1969, written by Woody Allen (with Jackie Gleason, Estelle Parsons, Ted Bessell, Michael Constantine)

Les Liaison Dangereuse ( La Mirada Playhouse – La Mirada California)

Glad Tidings (Drury Lane Theatre – Chicago)

Roar of the Greasepaint, Smell of the Crowd (Moorestown, New Jersey))

Never Too Late (Las Vegas, Sombrero Theatre – Phoenix, Arizona)

Wish You Were Here (Meadowbrook Dinner Theatre – New Jersey)

Mary, Mary (Ivoryton Playhouse – Ivoryton, Connecticut)

The Star Spangled Girl (The Landing Playhouse – Shamokin Dam, PA)



The Incident 1967 (with Beau Bridges, Ruby Dee, Ed McMahon, Martin Sheen, Thelma Ritter)  

Play Misty for Me  1971 (starring and directed by Clint Eastwood; Jessica Walter)

Murf the Surf  1975  (with Robert Conrad, Don Stroud)

Live a Little, Steal a Lot 1975  (with Robert Conrad, Don Stroud)

Sudden Death 1977  (Robert Conrad, Don Stroud)

Best Mom  ( 2017 )

Turnover  ( 2018 )

Carol of the Bells ( 2019 )

 Abused Again (2022)

Nope (2022)



Merv Griffin  1-31-72

Merv Griffin  4-13-74

Match Game  6/25/76

Merv Griffin  8/27/76

The John Davidson Show  9-29-1980

Hour Magazine 12-18-80

$50,000 Pyramid  4-27-81

$50,000 Pyramid  4-28-81

$50,000 Pyramid  4-29-81

$50,000 Pyramid  4-30-81

$50,000 Pyramid  5-1-81

Hour Magazine 7-21-81

Entertainment Tonight  11/18/81

TV Guide Year in Television  12/81

Jeopardy (1/82) (3 days with Carol Burnett and Regis Philbin-1st Celebrity Jeopardy)

David Letterman 12-20-84

Easter Seals Marathon 1986 (co-hosting with Pat Boone)

The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers  10/22/86

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous 1986

Mariette Hartley  1987

Cover Story 1987

Regis & Kathie Lee  1988 (about “Outback Bound”)

CBS Good Morning 1988

2nd Annual Soul Train Music Awards 3/30/88

People’s Choice Awards  1988  Presenting

The Pat Sajak Show 1/12/89

The Joan Rivers Show 9/12/89

Arsenio Hall Show 9/29/89

Public People, Private Lives  

Arsenio Hall Show 10/27/89

People’s Choice Awards 1/1/90

Regis 1/22/90

Sally Jessie Rafael  1990

The Joan Rivers Show  9/11/90

Arsenio Hall Show  9/19/90

The Joan Rivers Show 8/12/91

Helen Gurley Brown/Cosmopolitan 1991?

Regis 9/19/91

Larry King Live  1991

One on One with John Tesch 9/19/91

People’s Choice Awards 1/1/92

Regis 5/6/92

Arsenio Hall Show  5/7/92

 Dennis Miller Show  6/4/92

Arsenio Hall Show  10/11/93

Regis  10/22/93

Regis  12/20/94

Geraldo Rivera 1997 (with cast)

Donny & Marie 5/12/2000  On adoption

The View  7/14/04

Today Show 2/28/08

Today Show  10/14/08

Parents, Families & Friends of Lesbians & Gays red carpet interview, 10/14/08

ABC Promo Donna Mills Coming to Town (“General Hospital”) 3/10/14

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