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When my daughter was an infant, I could take her with me while working on movies out of town. She would be on set with me, and it was wonderful. However, when she started school at the age of three, including preschool and nursery school, I didn’t want to travel and disrupt her life. I didn’t become a mom to leave her with a nanny. So, I decided that if a job required me to go out of town, I wouldn’t take it. I only worked on projects that didn’t disrupt our life together, which meant I didn’t work a lot. I loved my time with her, being a mom, attending games, shows, birthday parties, and doing all the other things that come with parenthood. It was a full-time job, and I can’t imagine how women with full-time jobs manage it. Now, she’s all grown up, 28 years old, and an incredible woman. In the end, it’s probably the best thing I’ve ever done.

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